The Institute

The Institute of Science and Technology (ICT) is an academic unit with an essential role in the development of teaching, research, and extension activities (extracurricular elective courses) at the Advanced Campus of Poços de Caldas.

ICT currently provides human and laboratorial resources for 4 undergraduate majors on campus: Interdisciplinary Bachelors Degree in Science and Technology – BCT, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mining Engineering, as well as 4 Graduate Programs leading to a Masters degree: Graduate Program in Science and Environmental Engineering, Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering, Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering and Graduate Program in Physics.

This unit was developed in accordance with the standards of the Expansion and Restructuring Program of  Federal Universities (REUNI), a program focused on the redesign of curricula in the Brazilian university system. ICT aims at valuing integration across different areas of knowledge, and is against fragmentation and compartmentalization of knowledge and instruction. This concept is aligned with the proposition of providing higher education in cycles, which strengthens the foundation of the pedagogical projects of the courses offered at the Advanced Campus of Poços de Caldas. This strength comes from the favoring of multi- and interdisciplinary processes to produce and share new knowledge, a necessary criterion for this model of cyclic higher education.

The cycle-based development of the curriculum's framework leans on a solid foundation of science and technology, as well as a strong influence from the humanities and a relationship to society through dialog. In addition, there is an alignment with socioenvironmental sustainability as well as a push for technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

During each academic term, educational and professional events are developed and programmed, promoting the further development of professors' abilities. This additionally includes a deepened connection between professors and a fortification of the educative cornerstones of the respective major's projects and curriculum at the Poços de Caldas campus.

The scope of ICT's duties includes:

  1. Planning, coordination, execution, and evaluation of teaching, research, and extension activities of ICT members;
  2. Disbursement of received financial resources and management of patrimonial assets;
  3. Coordination and implementation of ICT personnel management policies, in compliance with the demands and requests by the Undergraduate Advisory Board and ICT academic centers;
  4. Proposal and elaboration of the ICT Charter, including future modifications in accordance with university statutes and General Regulation.