Beer with Science

Project logo with de name - Beer with scienceThe brewing universe has been expanding greatly around the world in recent years, bringing new possibilities for consumers and home, micro, or large-scale producers. In this context, scientific knowledge from biochemistry, chemistry, physics, geosciences, statistics, administration, and others can be used in an interdisciplinary manner to improve the quality of the beers produced, as well as, for the general public, in a better understanding and choice of products. We will work these concepts in a dynamic way with the entire interested community, through online discussions, collaborative online spaces for knowledge sharing, live sessions on YouTube, as well as some in-person mini-courses.


Capa do ebook Compêndio de infográficos em ciência Cervejeira: uma coletânea do projeto de extensão Cerveja com ciência (2019-2022)Ebook: Compendium of infographics on beer science: a collection of the Beer with science extension project (2019-2022)




imagem ilustrando o mapa das cervejarias de Minas gerais

Map: Breweries of Minas Gerais – updated version – Sep. 2023!!! Come check 😉




Learn more about production with the ebook below!!

Revised edition (September 2023) Principles of beer production and enzymes in mashing





We will have 19 infographics and bulletins in the microorganisms series, keep an eye on the website… Lots of infographics here!!!

Infographics – microorganism series:

Outros infográficos:



“Princípios da produção cervejeira e as enzimas na mosturação” – lançamento do eBook

“Beber menos, mas beber melhor”: professor e cervejeiro Gabriel Hornink, coordenador do projeto “Ciência com Cerveja”, fala sobre a produção, os tipos e o mercado da bebida alcóolica mais consumida no país

Acesse o eBook  “Glossário cervejeiro: da cultura à ciência”, com mais de de 700 verbetes!