Master of Science - Biological Sciences



The Biological Sciences Graduate Program (PPGCB) of the Federal University of Alfenas, Brazil, aims to train professionals capable of using the knowledge acquired during their graduate course to solve scientific and technological demands of society in several areas of the Biological Sciences, especially in the Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics and host pathogen interaction areas. The PPGCB aims to train qualified human resources to develop works in scientific research, universities or pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.


Research Areas


1. Cellular, Molecular and Structural Biology of Acute and Chronic Diseases:

Study of molecular, cellular and structural mechanisms of the cell aiming the understanding of its basic functions and the search for new methods of diagnosis, treatment and identification of therapeutic targets in acute and chronic diseases.


2. Host-Pathogen Interaction:

Characterization of the interactions between pathogens and their hosts, aiming to elucidate the biochemical, molecular, cellular and immunological mechanisms involved in human and animal diseases.


Research lines


1) Virulence Factors of Microorganisms and Parasites of Medical or Environmental Interest:

The identification and characterization of virulence factors in microorganisms and parasites using molecular, biochemical and cellular tools.

2) Immunology of Infectious Diseases:

The study of the immune response involved in human and animal diseases applied in experimental models. Also, the development of new immunological diagnostic tests and prospection of novel vaccines for these diseases. 

3) Identification of novel antimicrobial and anti-parasitic agents:

Prospection and synthesis of new antimicrobial and antiparasitic compounds using in vitro and in vivo assays. Also, the development of bioinformatic tools and databases for prediction, selection and inference of novel drugs for in vitro tests.

 4) Biology of acute and chronic diseases

Morphofunctional, molecular and therapeutic studies of acute and chronic human diseases.