To promote the training of teachers and researchers, with capacity to produce solid and sustained scientific knowledge in the area of ​​Rehabilitation Sciences.

Specific objectives:

- To promote the training and qualification of professionals in the interdisciplinary scope, capable of acting in the academic and scientific environment, developing teaching and research activities through qualified investigations and with attention to technological innovation in order to transform the social context of the places where they are inserted;

- Enable the production of qualified knowledge in Rehabilitation Sciences, thus collaborating with the development of the area in the different processes that involve the evaluation, promotion and preventive and / or therapeutic intervention in different populations, including the biological and pathophysiological aspects of the musculoskeletal, Nervous, cardiorespiratory, endocrine and vascular systems.

The professional graduated from the Postgraduate Program in Rehabilitation Sciences should be able to: search the database and evaluate the quality of the information found; Formulate hypotheses, objectives, as well as interpret, describe, present and argue about research data; To act in teaching and research activities related to the process of evaluation and preventive and / or therapeutic intervention of musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiorespiratory, vascular and metabolic dysfunctions.