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The Graduate Program in Biological Sciences (PPGCB) at UNIFAL-MG, master’s level, was approved by CAPES in 2014 with concept 3. This program is part of the broad area of ​​Biological Sciences I, sub-area General Biology of CAPES and started its activities in the first half of 2015. The general objective of the program is to train a professional capable of using the knowledge acquired to solve the scientific-technological demands of society in the areas of concentration of the program, mainly in the southern region of Minas Gerais. The PPGCB aims to train qualified human resources, who can be inserted in scientific, academic research activities or even in industries (pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, among others) in an active, full and effective way in solving problems and overcoming challenges. The graduate of the PPGCB should be able to propose innovative proposals imposed by the need for regional and national development, enabling the generation of new knowledge through scientific research in the field of cellular, molecular and structural biology of acute and chronic diseases, as well as in the study of interaction of different pathogens and their hosts.