Information for International Students


  • Legalization of official documents

All official documents containing a signature, such as course completion certificate, diploma and academic record, among others, must be legalized or apostilized.

Studentd from countries that are not signatories to the Hague Convention must legalize the documents mentioned whit the Brazilian Embassy / Consulate in their contry. all documents must be legalized before students como to Brazil.

  • Sudent Insurance 

The international student must present, upon registration, a copy of the international health insurance valid for the entire period of stay in Brazil.

The insurance must include the item of Funeral Repatriation and Body Transfer, in case of death.

  • CPF

The foreign student must carry the CPF number. This is an identification number of the individual before the Federal Revenue of Brazil.

The CPF number can be requested in the applicant´s country of origin. When requested abroad, the document can be picked up, free of charge, at the Embassy of Brazil. Please contact the Brazilian Consulate in your country to find out how to request the CPF.

The CPF can also be requested in Brazil, if this occurs the document will cost approximately R $ 10.00 (ten real).

  • Payment / Receipt of Scholarship

To receive a scholarship from UNIFAL-MG, a goreign must have a CPF number and account whit a Brazillian bank.

IMPORTANT: The scolarship will be pain overdue month; therefore, it is important that the student has a reserve of sufficient money to cover his expenses during the firts month in Brazil.

  • International Vaccine Certificate 

It is important that the student has the vaccines up to date.

IMPORTANT: Check with the Embassy of Brazil, in your country, the need to present the International Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccine.

  • National Alien Registration and Alien Identity Card

Every international student must register at the Federal Police post, within 30 days after arriving in Brazil, and request the Foreigner Identity Card (CIE). This document must be renewed every 1 (one) year of stay in Brazil.

IMPORTANT: The Federal Police Post for assistance in the south of Minas is located in the city Varginha.

Step by Step to apply for RNE, click here.

  • Accommodation
  • UNIFAL-MG does not have temporary and / or permanent accommodatio. If the Student needs information about housing, click on ” Where to stay?” or contact UNIFAL-MG Directorate of Internatinal Relations.