The Institute

The Institute of science and The institute of science and technology – ICT is the Academic Unity responsible for providing the essential functions to the development of teaching, research and extension in the
Poços de Caldas Campus.

The Institute of Science and Technology currently provide human resources and laboratory supply to four presential undergraduate degree, beeing them: Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science and Technology, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mining Engineering.

The Institute of Science and Technology also supply the same resources to four Graduate Program stricto sensu, Master’s degree level: the Graduate program in Science and Environmental Engineer, Graduate Degree in Science and Materials Engineer, Graduate Degree in Chemical Engineering and Graduate Degree in Physics.

Thus conceived, it is aligned with the proposal of higher education in cycles, providing the strengthening of the pillars present in the Pedagogical Projects of the courses offered at the Poços de Caldas Campus. This strengthening resides in favoring the exercise of multi and interdisciplinarity in the production and knowledge process, which is necessary for the higher education model in cycles.

The development of the curricular architecture formed by cycles is supported by a solid foundation in science and technologies, as well as a strong bias towards humanistic training and the dialogic relationship with society, in the wake of socio-environmental sustainability, induction and motivation for technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Federal University of Alfenas
Poços de Caldas Campus
J Building

A Pedagogical and professional events are programmed and developed every semester, with the aim of promoting pedagogical training and professional teacher development, as well as promoting teacher integration and reaffirming the pedagogical pillars of the Projects of the courses offered at the Poços de Caldas Campus.