Optical Spectroscopy and Photonics Laboratory

Coordinator: Prof. Marcelo Gonçalves Vivas

Email: mavivas82@gmail.com

Site: https://leofoton.wixsite.com/leof


The Laboratory of Optics and Photonics (LEO&F) is interested in the study of polymeric insulating and semiconducting materials and also nanomaterials. We have studied both properties from a fundamental point of view and also various applications. For example, we have studied real-time photodegradation kinetics and 3D dosimetric fabrications based on semiconducting polymers. We have performed optical birefringence measurements in azo-chromophore doped polymeric methyl methacrylate to make 3D optical memory devices, analogous to DVD but with higher storage capacity. We have also microfabricated polymeric materials doped with nano-particles for the fabrication of optoelectronic devices. In addition to the optical assemblies that are performed in the lab, thin film preparations, characterization by UV-vis and infrared optical spectroscopy techniques, atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy are also performed.

LEO&F has an area of 45 m2, being arranged in a 35 m2 area for the optics part and another room with 10 m2 for sample preparation. The optics room has an anti-vibration optical table, sub-nanosecond pulsed laser (4W, 900 ps, 1-2000 Hz, 1064/532 nm), stabilized He-Ne laser (632 nm, 5 mW), various diode lasers (400 nm, 532 nm, 660 nm, 800 nm), photodetectors in general, ultrafast photodetectors (200 ps) power meters, portable spectrometers (200-1100 nm), 250 MHz two channel oscilloscope, various optical fibers, high resolution CCD cameras, high stability tungsten lamp, optical and optomechanical devices in general, etc. This room is cooled by an 18000 BTU air-conditioning system. The sample preparation room has a chapel, refrigerator, general glassware, analytical balance (0.0001 g), ultrasound, general cabinets, etc. This room is cooled by a 12000 BTU air-conditioner.