How to get to the south of minas?
Location of UNIFAL- MG Campuses

Campus of Poços de Caldas

BR267 – Rodovia José Aurélio Vilela, nº 11.999- BR 267 Km 533

CEP: 37715-400 – Poços de Caldas – MG

Campus of Varginha

Avenida Celina Ferreira Ottoni, 4000 – Padre Vítor

CEP: 37048-395 – Varginha – MG

How to get?

Due to the greater proximity to the south of Minas and easy access, we advise all international students who will come to UNIFAL-MG to disembark at Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) or Congonhas Airport in São Paulo – SP.

From Guarulhos International Airport you have the options below that make the route Airport / Rodoviária do Tietê.

Airport Bus Service

Price: R$ 55,00 (approximately)

Time: (+/-) 45 minutes

Táxi GRU- Terminal Tietê

Prices may vary, on average they can cost R$ 120,00.

Time: 40 minutes


Prices can be from R$ 36,00.

To get to the south of Minas, one of the most practical and inexpresive options is road transport.

If you disembark at Guarulhos Airport – SP, you must go to the Tiete Bus Terminal, where buses leave for all regions of Brazil, including Alfenas, Poços de Caldas and Varginha.

Route 1

GRU- Terminal Rodoviário Tietê- São Paulo

Route 2

Tietê- Alfenas / Tietê – Poços de Caldas/ Tietê – Varginha
Travel Company: Santa Cruz
Ticket prices: vary between R$ 55,00 a 100,00.

To check the departure times, visit the website:

For the Tietê – Poços de Caldas route, there is also another opition: the Travel Company: Cometa.

Ticket Prices: from R$ 65,00.

To check the departure times, visit the website:

UNIFAL – Thirst

UNIFAL – Thirst

Santa Clara Unity
UNIFAL – MG – Campus Poços de Caldas
UNIFAL – MG – Campus Varginha
Where to stay?
The Directorate of International and Interinstitutional Relations will be able to assist in the search for houses that include options, furnished apartments, republics (student houses), pensions, family houses and the interested party may contact the persons responsible for housing directly.
We notify that the information provided is the sole responsibility of the landlord and negotiations must be made directly between the insterested party and the landlord. DRI only assists in finding avaliable opitions.