Common questions

1. What is the International Academic Mobility program (student exchange)?

It is an exclusive program for students enrolled at UNIFAL-MG. Students participating in this program can study at a foreign institution affiliated for 1 to 2 academic semesters.

2. What are the prerequisites for participating in mobility?

Consult the International Academic Mobility Regulation trough the link Regulation of the International Academic Mobility regime.

3.Will I receive any assistance from UNIFAL-MG?

According to cooperation agreements between UNIFAL-MG and foreign institutions, Brazilian students are exempt from academic fees at foreign universities. However, some institutions limit vacancies. in case the number of candidates is higher than the number of vacancies, there will be classification trough criteria established by DRI, together with the Coordination of the student´s Course. The student is responsible for the payment of accommodation, airfare, local transpotation, food, among other personal expenses.

4. Is there a scholarship program for exchanging abroad during graduation?

At the moment, UNIFAL-MG does not have its own public notice for this purpose.

5. How much will I spend each month to exchange?

Monthly costs vary by city and country. Capitals aand large cities generally have a high cost. Before traveling, research about the cost of living of the palce and if possible ask a student who has lived in the desired city.

6. How is the application procedure for the student mobility program?

Contact the International Relations Directorate.

7.What should I provide after my acceptance letter arrives?

After receiving the acceptance letter, the student must arrange a study visa directly at the consulate of the in tended country. Each consulate has its own list of documents to be presented by the student in order to issue the visa. The student must also provide health insurance, comply with all procedures requested by the host instituion and inatiate a process at UNIFAL-MG (contact DRI).

8. Who should apply for a study visa? The student or UNIFAL-MG?

The study visa is the student’s responsibility. Even before the acceptace letter arrives, the student can obtain information on the website of the host countru’s consulate and initiate visa procedures. Remember that a passaport is required to obtain a study visa.

9. Where do i apply for a passport?

The passport is issued by the Federal Police. Visist the Federal Police website for more information:

10. When should I buy my ticket?

We recommend that students only buy the ticket when they receive the acceptance letter, as until the arrival of the exchange their exchange has not yet been confirmed.

11. I’m abroad and I want to stay another semester. How should I proceed?

The student must contact DRI and ask for the Mobility Renewal form, which consists of redoing the study plan for another semester. This new plan will be analyzed by the Course Coordinator and, if he agrees, the student will be able to stay abroad.

12. How should I proceed on my return to UNIFAL-MG?

The student must bring, if possible, the history of the subjects taken abroad plus the menu and check in whit the Course Coordination to proceed whit the validation og the subjetcts. some universities do not deliver this documentation to students, but send it to DRI. When this documentation arrives, we will contact the students.

13. How do I validate the courses taken abroad?

To validate the subjects taken abroad, the student must go to the Graduate Pro-Rectory (Prograd) to receive the necessary guidance.

14. Does UNIFAL-MG also receive foreign students?

UNIFAL-MG is affiliated to the Coimbra Group of Universities – CGUB, which has cooperation between the Organization of American States (OAS). This cooperation resulted in the Education and Training Alliance Program (Scholarships Brazil – PAEC OEA-GCUB) which, through an announcement, selects students, offering scholarship opportunities for academic studies with the support of their institutions in the Americas and around the world. PAEC is administered in accordance with the respective cooperation agreements, following the principles set out in the OAS Scholarship Procedures Manual. Thus, UNIFAL-MG has received students from several countries in its Master and Doctorate programs.