Removal for International Academic Mobility

The student who will leave in international academic mobility must meet the requirements of Resolution No. 19 of 10/31/2018, which regulates the International Academic Mobility Regime within the scope of UNIFAL-MG undergraduate courses. To access the resolution, click here.

Once in compliance with the requirements of the resolution, the student must request the removal for international academic mobility by opening a process in the Electronic Information System – SEI. The necessary documentation is listed below:

  • Approval of the Course Collegiate;
  • Copy of transcript;
  • Copy of Passport;
  • Copy of Travel Insurance/Assistance (provided by student himself);
  • Declaration of acceptance by the host institution;
  • Completed and signed removal form Clearance model;
  • Study plan or activities to be developed abroad, approved by the Course Collegiate;
  • Termo de Compromisso, click here.