The Federal Univesity of Alfenas (UNIFAL-MG) was founded on April 3, 1914, as the School of Pharmacy and Dentistry of Alfenas (EFOA), being recognized by State Law No. 657, of September 11, 1915. Federalization occurred in 1960, an important milestone in its history, sive the condition of “federal” boosted its growth even more, with the expansion of its facilities and the opening of new courses.

In 2001, the Institution became a Federal University Center (EFOA/CEUFE), offering new courses for society, meeting the needs of specialized work in the health area. EFOA/CEUFE was concerned not only with the espansion of classroom courses, but also of distance courses, creating, in February 2004, the Open and Distance Education Center (CEAD), which started to build new course propsals distance learning and specialization.

In 2005, through Federal Law No. 11,154, of July 29, 2005, Efoa / Ceufe was transformed into the Federal University of Alfenas, adopting the acronym UNIFAL-MG, elected by the academic community.

Linked to the Ministry of Education (MEC), UNIFAL-MG is a legal entity under public law with didactic-scientific, administrative, disciplinary, financial and patrimonial management autonomy.

The Institution is administatively structured into four units, wiyh the headquarters and Santa Clara Educational Unit located in Alfenas; and advanced campusescin the cities of Poços de Caldas and Varginha.

With more than 100 years of existence, UNIFAL-MG believes to respond effectively to the educational demands of society and to participate in the problems and challenges imposed by local, regional and national development. Recognized as higher education institution of outstanding quality, the University presents expressive results in its Undergraduate and Graduate courses, through which it constantly seeks opportunities for growth and improvements in the activities of Teaching, Research, Extension, Techological Innovation And Internationalization.

The pioneers

The  Creation of EFOA is clear demonstration of the multiplying force of a collective dream, shared by some doctors, dentists and pharmacists, led by pharmacist João Leão de Faria. The group was formed by Nicolau Coutinho, Armando de Almeida Magalhães, Donato de Melo, José de Silveira Barroso and Affonso Ladislau, teachers who taught class without fixede remuneration due to the limited availability of resources.

Pharmacy was the first course to be implemented at the Institution, followed by the Dentistry course, created in 1915. These courses consolidated the institution as an educational center in the region, attracting students from different locations.

First installations

Efoa was initially installed in a modest mansion located in the center of Alfenas, building of the old Santa Casa, located at Rua Direita, currently Rua Presidente Artur Bernardes.

Over the years and with the need to expand, new facilities were built and the operation started to be in a traditional building located in the city center, at Praça Emílio da Silveira, former Praça da Bandeira, where today, the Museum is located of Memory and Heritage of the University.

Acquired in 1937, the property was the institution’s third headquarters, undergoing structural and architectural changes over 30 years of teaching, research and extension activities.

Current installations

Today, to meet the demand of the 34 courses it offers, the Institution’s university complex houses 25 buildings at the Headquarters in Alfenas, spread over a built area of 1.303.256 m². Also in Alfenas, in the Santa Clara Unit, 13 buildings are located, built in an area of 1.004.386 m².

On the Poços de Caldas campus, the built area is 360.226 m², where there are also 13 buildings in opertion. In Varginha, the campus has seven buildings in an area of 300,514 m².

Sede – Alfenas Unidade Santa Clara – Alfenas Campus Poços de Caldas Campus Varginha

Undergraduate courses:

Campus of Alfenas:

  • Biomedicine
  • Biotechnology
  • Computer science
  • Biological Sciences – Degree/Bachelor
  • Social Sciences – Degree/Bachelor
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Physics -Degree
  • Physiotherapy
  • Geography – Degree/Bachelor
  • History – Degree
  • Letters -Degree
  • Foreign Language Letters – Bachelor
  • Letters – Portuguese and Portuguese Language Literatures
  • Mathematics – Degree
  • Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Pedagogy – Degree
  • Dentistry
  • Chemistry – Degree
  • Chemistry – Bachelor with Technological Assignments

Campus of Varginha

  • Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science and Economics
  • Public Administration
  • Actuarial Sciences
  • Acconting Sciences
  • Economic Sciences with Emphasis on Controllership

Campus of Poços de Caldas:

  • Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science and Technology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
Distance Education:
  • Biological Sciences – Degree (EAD)
  • Chemistry – Degree (EAD)
  • Pedagogy (EAD)

Lato Sensu Courses:

Face-to-face / Semi-face:

  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Applied Social Sciences


  • Specialization in Theories and Practices in Education
  • Specialization in Municipal Public Management

Stricto Sensu Courses:

  • Biosciences Applied to Health (Master’s/Doctorate)
  • Environmental Science and Engineering (Master’s)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (Master’s)
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences (Master’s / Doctorate)
  • Dental Sciences (Master’s)
  • Environmental Sciences (Master’s/Doctorate)
  • Nursing (Master’s)
  • Estatística Aplicada e Biometria (Master’s)
  • Phisics (Master’s)
  • Public Management and Society (Master’s)
  • Multicenter Program in Physiological Sciences (Master’s/Doctorate)
  • Chemistry (Master’s/Doctorate)
  • Iberian History (Professional Master’s)
  • Education (Master’s)
  • Professional Master in Public Admisistration – PROFIAP (Professional Master’s)
  • Physics Teaching – MNPEF (Professional Master’s)
  • Chemical Engineering (Master’s)
  • Biological Sciences (Master’s)
  • Rehabilitation Sciences (Master’s)
  • Economy (Master’s)
  • Geography (Master’s)
  • Biotecnologia (Master’s)