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Welcome to the
II Workshop of the Postgraduate Program in Biosciences Applied to Health
at the Federal University of Alfenas – MG, Brazil!

The event will take place between 09/27/2021 and 10/01/2021 and its main objective is to broaden the horizons and academic-scientific frontiers of our researchers, the external community and whoever may be more interested, through the participation of lecturers from countries in Latin America and the United States, representing an initiative of the professors of the Media, Disclosure and Graduate Program in Health Applied Biosciences at UNIFAL/MG, Brazil, in partnership with professors, researchers and students of the program.

This event presents, in its second version, a varied and multiprofessional theme, similar to the first version held in 2018 (more information), but in a fully virtual version, allowing your participation, wherever you are (Check out our schedule here).

The Graduate Program in Biosciences Applied to Health (GPBAH) is honored to have you as a spectator or direct participant in our event. Feel free to interact with us, clarify any doubts and submit your work for presentation.

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