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Applications can be made between days (Instructions below):
7/26/2021 to 10/01/2021

Deadline for submission of works (Instructions below):
until 08/30/2021

Registration Instructions


The Participant must be previously registered in the CAEX system of Unifal-MG (Click to access).

The participant must go to the “Registration/Inscrições” tab and select the event “II Workshop of the Graduate Program in Biosciences Applied to Health at Unifal-MG / II Workshop do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biociências Aplicadas à Saúde da Unifal-MG ” and fill in the requested data.

Registration, submission of papers, participation in the event, and certification will be free for all participants, speakers, and the Organizing Committee. It is noteworthy that no speaker will receive monetary value for their participation, not generating a burden for our institution.

Paper Submission


Written Summary Production:

The author(s) must, in advance, download the digital file of your choice, available in Microsoft Word (.doc) format, to prepare the abstract, according to the model available in the Annex to these standards;

Download file

The submitted abstracts must be prepared under the supervision of the supervisor/coordinator of the project/program and the consent/agreement of all co-authors;

The text must be written in Portuguese, Spanish, or English. Citations and bibliographic references should not be inserted as they are abstracts, considering that the number of characters is limited;

After editing the file to prepare the abstract, it must be converted to .pdf format – the only format accepted as a form of submission in this event;

The file size must not exceed 2.0 MB (two megabytes).

How to submit

Production of the Summary Video:

Video-summary is the form of oral presentation that will be held for all papers submitted to the II Workshop of the Graduate Program in Biosciences Applied to Health at UNIFAL/MG. Works that have as their main focus advances in scientific knowledge in Applied Health Biosciences and that have their abstract in a written format properly formatted within the event’s norms can be submitted as videos.

The video must be presented in a maximum of 5 minutes. Submissions made including videos longer than 5 minutes will be rejected.

The video must contain only the information of the submitted work, information that identifies patients, doctors or any information that may identify the location of the videos or patients will not be allowed.

We suggest to presenters that they use slideshow programs with clear backgrounds to make the video, where it is possible to highlight texts, figures, tables, and images of the work. The video can have its own audio.

We request that the opening screen of the video contain the title of the work and the authors, as well as their respective affiliations. Therefore, an introduction should be made at the beginning of the video. In the introduction, the presenter must sequentially present the theoretical bases, problematization and justification of the work. After the introduction, the methods, results, and discussion must be presented, and finally the conclusions.

It is suggested that video files be recorded in MPEG2, MPEG4 (.mpg), Windows Media Video 9 (.wmv) formats; or Quick Time (.mov).

The video must be post previously attached / uploaded to a private YOUTUBE account.


Instructions for inserting video on YouTube:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Create an account. If you already have one, go to the next step.
Step 3: Log in to your account.
Step 4: Click the “Upload” button at the top of the page. It is located near the search bar, next to the “Browse” button.
Step 5: Choose a video file. Click “Browse” to browse your computer for the file.
Step 6: Click the “Upload Video” button.
Step 7: Enter the details. It is particularly important that the title of the video is the title of the work submitted to the “II Workshop of the Graduate Program in Biosciences Applied to Health at Unifal-MG” (the same title as the written abstract). Additionally, the description of the video, the category to which the video belongs, and its tags must be included.
Step 8: Choose your Privacy Settings. Select the “Unlisted” option (Unlisted videos do not appear in YouTube search results but can be seen by those who have the link. So, do not share the link with anyone).
Step 9: In Advanced Settings, you can enable or disable comments and responses to videos.
Step 10: Click the Save button. All information you entered will be saved when your video finishes loading. When the bar fully fills, you are finished uploading your video to YouTube.


Instructions for getting the video address:

Access the YouTube video you want to inform in the submission. Below the video, click Share and then copy. You can also select the video address at the top, copy (CTRL+C) the link, and paste (CTRL+V) into a temporary text file of your choice or directly into the field available on the CAEX submission form.


For submission of papers to CAEX, the following rules must be followed:

1. The author and co-authors must be previously registered in the CAEX system of Unifal-MG ( to be linked to work during submission;
2. The participant must go to the “Inscriptions / Inscrições” tab and select the event “II Workshop of the Postgraduate Program in Biosciences Applied to Health at UNIFAL/MG / II Workshop do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biociências Aplicadas à Saúde da UNIFAL/MG” and fill in the requested data.
3. Afterwards, the submitting participant must click on the “Manage” button in the “Submissions” column referring to their registration, in the “Registrations” tab, and follow all the instructions presented by the system;
4. At that moment, in addition to filling in the main data of the work, the submitter will upload the file containing the Written Summary and inform the address of the Video-Abstract in the form.
5. The data informed at the time of submission will be used to issue the work presentation certificates;
6. The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for failures in the submission of abstracts due to technical computer reasons, communication failures, congestion in the communication lines, as well as other technical factors that make data transfer impossible.



During the submission process, the participant will find the following Disclaimer which they must read and accept:
When submitting a work in text and video format for events organized by the Federal University of Alfenas – UNIFAL-MG, the participant is automatically:

1) pledging to send original material, produced by him and for the event, bearing all the possible consequences of not doing so;
2) ceding the right to use the image (of its own and of a third party that appears in the video) to UNIFAL-MG, which, through the event organizers, may publish it on specific platforms for the reproduction of videos for evaluation purposes and dissemination of work;
3) Becoming solely responsible for any damage caused by any copyright infringement committed in the video, whether by the use of protected image or sound, or by the disclosure of other people’s information, sensitive, confidential or restricted access data due to academic scientific research;
4) being aware that the video will remain in the University’s possession for an indefinite period and the rules applied to it, in a similar way, will have indefinite validity.

 [ ] I declare that I have read and accepted the terms above.


Assessment of Works

All papers, in their versions: written abstract (.pdf) and video-summary (YouTube link), submitted to the II Workshop of the Postgraduate Program in Biosciences Applied to Health at UNIFAL/MG, will be evaluated by a team peer reviewer (professors and graduate students) of the Graduate Programs in Biosciences Applied to Health, Biological Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Unifal-MG.

The abstracts will be o assessed according to the following criteria:
The abstract (written and video) must comply with the submission rules;
The topic addressed must be relevant to the Workshop’s theme;
The written summary and the video-summary must be clear, coherent, presenting a logical link between the structural elements;

When submitting the work, all participants will have the option of submitting the work to be evaluated with the Abstract Presentation Profile (only) or the Oral Presentation Profile. In this case, at the time of submission, the participant may or may not check the box “I would like to present it orally”.

In this way, all works submitted and accepted for the Abstract Presentation Profile will be compiled in the Abstract Book and published in the Playlist on the event’s YouTube Channel and will compete for a total of 5 Honorable Mentions. On the other hand, the works submitted and accepted for Oral Presentation Profile, will dispute among them the possibility of presenting the work in a remote live transmission, for 10 minutes each presentation, on the last day of the event (10/01/2021), in addition to have their work compiled in the Book of Abstracts and published in the Playlist on the event’s YouTube Channel as well.

Papers that do not comply with the guidelines described above will not be accepted. A detailed review of the text and video is recommended, as under no circumstances will changes in the content of the abstract sent will be accepted.


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