Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How many courses should the student take?
The student must complete at least 20 (twenty) credits in courses. The two following courses are mandatory: Materials Science (4 credits) and Materials Characterization Techniques (4 credits). In addition, students must take 12 credits in optional courses and the Teaching Internship, which adds two extra credits not counted in the 20 course credits.


Is it possible to use credits earned in courses taken as a non-matriculated student?
Non-matriculated students who have taken courses at UNIFAL-MG and obtained grades A or B may apply for the use of credits. According to the program’s academic policies, students can use up to 8 credits, which is equivalent to 2 courses taken as non-matriculated students. To do so, they must file the credit utilization form with the Program Council, attaching supporting documentation. Students who have taken courses at other institutions must perform the same procedure, however, using the credit transfer form.


What is the duration of the master’s degree?
Twenty-four months. It is recommended that the student complete the credits in courses within the first 18 months in the program.


Are there quotas for scholarships? What are the chances I get a scholarship?
Questions about scholarship must be addressed directly to the Scholarship Committee, whose composition is available for consultation at the link “Committees”.


Will courses be offered on weekends or evenings?
No. The courses will be offered preferably from Monday to Friday, alternating between 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM.


How much are tuition fees?
The program is tuition-free. Even the registration is free!


How do I write a Lattes curriculum? What is “documented Lattes”?
The Lattes curriculum must be built on the Platform available at The documentation is made by attaching copies of the certificates and statements that prove the information inserted in the Lattes curriculum.