Sol-Gel and Thin Films Laboratory

Infrastructure: physical space of 20 m², equipped with: Chemat KW-4-A spin coating system, Milli-Q Smart-Pak purification system, Direct Q 3-UV system, drying/sterilizing oven, EDG FlyeE 50 RP muffle furnace, ultra-thermostatic circulating on demand water bath, UV degradation testing chamber. Miscellaneous: ultrasonic bath, fume hood, refrigerator.

In 2019, we acquired the following equipment: horizontal split tube furnace for use with fused silica tube (temperature of 1200 ° C), bench centrifuge with speed up to 15000 rpm; fixed-angle rotor for 12 tubes of 0.5 oz. Funded by UNIFAL-MG research project, PRPPG Notice no. 07/2018.