Pro-Rectory of Planning, Budget and Institutional Development

The Pro-Rectory of Planning, Budget and Institutional Development – PROPLAN – is an advisory body linked to the Rectory of UNIFAL-MG, whose main tasks are to expand and improve planning instruments, favoring the achievement of organizational efficiency and objectives, based on the wishes of the internal and external community. This Pro-Rectory is organized in General Coordination, Coordination of Institutional Development, Coordination of Projects and Construction and Coordination of Budget. These coordinates are dedicated, among other things, to the instruments of strategic planning and short-term planning, risk management, process mapping and administrative modernization projects; projects and constructions, as well as for the management and occupation of physical space; budgetary management of the University as it pertains to the discretionary budget. PROPLAN always preaches transparency and responsibility in the use of public resources and for the development of the University.