Research Lines

Line 1 – Planning, procurement and evaluation of natural and synthetic products of pharmaceutical interest

Covers the structural planning, obtaining by synthesis or from natural sources, characterization/structural elucidation and biological evaluation of substances of pharmaceutical interest.


Cláudio Viegas Júnior:

Diogo Teixeira Carvalho:

Jamie Anthony Hawkes:

Marcelo Aparecido da Silva:

Marcelo José Dias Silva:

Lucas Lopardi Franco:


Line 2 – Microbiology and Parasitology Applied to Pharmaceutical Sciences

Deals with biological studies using synthetic and natural substances of pharmaceutical interest related to their therapeutic, vaccine and/or immunobiological potential against infectious and/or parasitic agents and as modulators of the immune response.


Amanda Latércia Tranches Dias:

Eva Burger:

Marcos José Marques:

Luiz Felipe Lomil Coelho:


Line 3 – Biochemistry and Pharmacology Applied to Pharmaceutical Sciences

Covers experimental and clinical studies using substances of pharmaceutical interest related to cellular, molecular, molecular biochemistry, pharmacology and signalling pathways, as well as behavioural studies.


Carla Speroni Ceron:

Fernanda Borges de Araújo Paula:

Larissa Helena Lobo Torres Pacheco:

Maria Rita Rodrigues:

Marília Gabriella Alves Goulart Pereira:

Tiago Marques dos Reis:


Line 4 – Development and evaluation of drugs, medicines and cosmetics

Related to the study of physicochemical properties of pharmaceutical ingredients, medicines and cosmetics, the development and characterization of new pharmaceutical forms, as well as the development and validation of analytical methodologies and in vitro availability studies.


Antônio Carlos Doriguetto:

Flávia Chiva Carvalho:

Gislaine Ribeiro Pereira:

Magali Benjamin de Araújo:

Mateus Freire Leite:

Rudy Bonfilio:


Line 5 – Toxicology and toxicological analyses

Involves therapeutic monitoring, toxicological analysis in biological and non-biological matrices and the development of analytical methodologies and sample preparation techniques.


Eduardo Costa de Figueiredo:

Isarita Martins Sakakibara:

Vanessa Bergamin Boralli Marques: