Masters level

The coordinators of the Postgraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences informs that enrollment for the candidates selected for the Master’s course, in the PUBLIC NOTICE No. 24/2022 COPG/PRPPG, will take place on the dates below, in accordance with the instructions:


1st Step: To start enrolling, the candidate, after being summoned by email, must send the forms below to the PPGCF email address:, in PDF format, completed and signed, on the following dates:


February 2nd and 3rd
March 2nd and 3rd
April 03 and 04
May 2nd and 3rd
01 and 02 June
03 and 04 July
01 and 02 August
01 and 04 September
October 02 and 03
November 01 and 03
November 31st;
December 1st     



2nd Step: The candidate, after receiving the email from the PPGCF coordinators confirming receipt of the above forms, must attach the personal documents listed below, in PDF format, in the registration system, at the link below, in the following dates:


February 06 and 07
March 06 and 07
April 05 and 06;
May, 04th and 05th
June 05 and 06
05 and 06 July;
03 and 04 August
05 and 06 September
04 and 05 October
06 and 07 November;
04 and 05 December.