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Professor E-mail Status Research Project
Amanda Latercia T. Dias amanda.dias@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Biological aspects of pathogenic fungi of pharmaceutical interest
Antônio Carlos Doriguetto antonio.doriguetto@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Solids
Carla Speroni Ceron carla.ceron@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Effects of pharmacological interventions on target organ damage and
evaluation of pharmacotherapy in acute and chronic diseases –
preclinical, clinical studies, systematic reviews and meta-analysis
Cláudio Viegas Júnior claudio.viegas@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Planning, synthesis, and pharmacological evaluation of candidates for
new drug prototypes
Diogo Teixeira Carvalho diogo.carvalho@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Planning and synthesis of potentially bioactive substances
Eduardo Costa de Figueiredo eduardo.figueiredo@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Use of Molecular Imprint in the Analysis of Drugs and Toxicants in
Environmental and Biological Samples
Eva Burger eva.burger@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Anti-P. Brasiliensis Therapy : Interaction of Laser, Antifungal and
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs with Neutrophils
Fernanda Borges de A. Paula fernanda.paula@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Evaluation of the Effects of Pharmaceutical Products and Molecular
Targeting as Therapeutic Strategies in Conditions Associated with
Dysregulation of Cellular Metabolism
Flávia Chiva Carvalho flavia.chiva@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Development of a Technological Platform for the Production of Chitosan
Nanoparticles and Characterisation of Mucoadhesion
Gislaine Ribeiro Pereira gislaine.pereira@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Research and Development of Drug Delivery Systems
Isarita Martins Sakakibara isarita.sakakibara@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Development of methods for the analysis of toxicants and drugs in Biological and Non-Biological Matrices
Jamie Anthony Hawkes Jamie.hawkes@unifal-mg.edu.br Visitor
Larissa Helena L. T. Pacheco larissa.torres@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Effects of Xenobiotics on the Central Nervous System and Evaluation of
Therapeutic Interventions – Preclinical and Clinical Studies in an
Evidence-Based Health Context.
Lucas Lopardi Franco lucas.franco@unifal-mg.edu.br Collaborator
Luiz Felipe Leonil Coelho luiz.coelho@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent
Magali Benjamim de Araújo magali.araujo@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Analytical methodologies for analysis and control of drugs and medicines
– study of polymorphism of pharmaceutical solids and evaluation of their
influence on the quality of drugs and medicines
Marcelo Aparecido da Silva  marcelo.silva@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Prospecting and Validation of Plant Species with Biological Activities
Marcelo José Dias Silva marcelo.dias@unifal-mg.edu.br Visitor
Marcos José Marques  marcos.marques@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Evaluation of synthetic and natural drugs with parasitic activity
Maria Rita Rodrigues maria.ritarodrigues@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Evaluation of the Effects of Pharmaceutical Products and Molecular
Targeting as Therapeutic Strategies in Conditions Associated with
Dysregulation of Cellular Metabolism
Marilia Gabriella A. G. Pereira marilia.pereira@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Study of biochemical/molecular mechanisms and characterization of
possible pharmaceutical targets involved in the pathogenesis and
treatment of epilepsies and their comorbidities
Mateus Freire Leite mateus.leite@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Technological/innovative development of personal care products,
perfumery and cosmetics
Rudy Bonfilio rudy.bonfilio@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent
Tiago Marques dos Reis tiago.reis@unifal-mg.edu.br Collaborator
Vanessa Bergamin Boralli Marques vanessa.marques@unifal-mg.edu.br Permanent Pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism