Enrollment in disciplines – non-regular student and other PPGs





Registration of non-regular students will occur in two groups:

  1. Students from other programs
  2. Other interested parties, not affiliated with the PPGCF;


Note: It is up to the professor responsible for the discipline to grant or reject the enrollment request for a non-regular student.


  • Regular students from other programs:

The coordination of the PPGCF informs that, in the existence of vacancies, enrollments from students regularly enrolled in other Stricto Sensu Postgraduate programs at UNIFAL-MG may be accepted, in the disciplines offered by the PPGCF in the 2nd half of 2022:     

  • Those interested must enroll in optional subjects via the academic system, during the enrollment renewal period, which will be from July 8 to 15, 2022.


2) Other interested parties, not affiliated with the Stricto Sensu Graduate Programs at UNIFAL-MG:

The PPGCF coordination informs that registrations of non-regular students in the disciplines offered by the PPGCF in the 2nd semester of 2022 may be accepted and establishes the following criteria:


  1. Registration of non-regular students in up to two disciplines may be accepted, subject to the approval of the professors responsible for the disciplines.
  2. To apply, the candidate must be studying or hold a certified diploma or statement of completion of a higher education course in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, or similar areas, recognized by the Ministry of Education – MEC.
  3. Must present a declaration of interest in studying the Master’s/Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences and that he/she will participate in the selection process; school record or diploma; identity document; Curriculum Vitae from the Lattes platform and letter from one of the Program’s mentoring professors expressing interest in mentoring the candidate, if approved in the selection process.


ATTENTION: Interested parties should forward the signed course registration form and other documents to the email: ppgcf@unifal-mg.edu.br  on July 25 and 26, 2022.


Course enrollment form


Additional information:

  • The request will be analyzed by the professors responsible for the disciplines and the secretary will send an email informing if it was accepted or not.     
  • The beginning of activities will be defined by the professor responsible for the subject