Know Our History


The Master’s level Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences at UNIFAL-MG was recommended by CAPES in 2005 and then in 2012, it was recommended to create a Doctorate level program, which began in 2013.       


Following the creation of the Doctorate program, the PPGCF restructured its activites to be structured in a single concentration area, called Pharmaceutical Sciences – where there are five distinct lines of research. The lines cover the planning, obtaining and evaluation of natural and synthetic products of pharmaceutical interest, Applied Microbiology and Parasitology to Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemistry and Pharmacology Applied to Pharmaceutical Sciences, Development and evaluation of drugs, medicines and cosmetics and Toxicology and toxicological analysis. The Program grants the degree of Master or Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences.      


Within the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences, these comprehensive multidisciplinary activities make the main focus of the program the study of new drugs and medications as innovative alternatives for solving therapeutic problems.       


In addition, the PPGCF stands out as being the only stricto sensu graduate program in the area of Pharmacy in the southern region of the State of Minas Gerais, contributing to the continuity of academic training of our graduates and students from not only the region, but from other states.